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What the Hitchhiker's Guide is to the Galaxy, the Almanac is to HACKED. All you need to know in one location; an ever-expanding repository of all the facts.

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What is HACKED?

HACKED is a free-to-attend, intense weekend of learning, sharing and building cool stuff. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, developer or designer, join us for what we guarantee will be a memorable experience.

Hacking is all about playing with technology and using it in new and creative ways. We're not talking about building battle-hardened products - many of the more memorable hacks from similar events have been pulled off thanks to crossed fingers and lots of sticky tape!

If you have ever been to a hack day before, you'll know the fun of making new things quickly, experimenting and collaborating with people from all sorts of backgrounds and levels of experience.

Lots of companies are getting involved in HACKED and they are going to make their APIs and products available. There will be plenty of hands-on sessions and one-to-one help, so don't be scared about getting involved!