Change the way you see light, with hue from Philips. Play with tone, contrast, white light and a spectrum of colour. Connect with the hue app and control all your lights from your smart device. And unlock the true potential of hue – from creating new apps to integrating web services and digital installations – via the hue SDK and developer friendly hue bridge.

There are two different ways to work with hue depending on your platform of choice. We have a native SDK for iOS and also a very flexible RESTful API on the bridge. You can use any of these during Hacked and we'll be on-hand with documentation, examples and advice to get you building apps with hue in no time.

Our challenge for the weekend

We're excited by the possibility of the hue connected lamp and are keen to see what can be done. To get your ideas flowing we've identified 4 areas hue can work in:

  1. Ambience: Creating beautiful scenes through artistic, creative use of light and colour
  2. Health & Wellbeing: Altering the lighting to help you relax read, concentrate or get energised
  3. Security and safety: Managing your lights remotely or having them switch on when you get near using geofencing
  4. Communication: Keeping you informed by altering the lights based on tweets, data or other information

We're offering a full starter kit worth £179 to every member of the winning team with the best idea. You need to have an idea based on hue which is worked up to a demonstrable, working prototype by the demo sessions at 1pm on Sunday.


Our team attending HACKED