We're the brains behind Matchday - an app to let you stream a rugy ref straight to your phone. We've also made PlaceNumber to help you generate phone numbers suitable for demo use. We've connected Kinect to a giant iPad and build Iron Man suits.
iron man costume

All in a day's work in The Lab!

What are we bringing to HACKED

A GSM Test network

We'll be bringing our very own GSM test network - using the latest Range Networks 5150.
portable gsm network
Join Karl Turner and get a feel for what goes on behind the scenes in mobile network.

FireFox OS

Backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, Firefox OS is the hottest new entry to the mobile operating system space. The Lab's Ruth John will be joined by our friends from Telefonica Digital Daniel Applequist and Francisco Jordano with handset and support to get you developing on FFOS in a flash.

Arduino + GSM

Developed jointly by Telefonica R&D in Madrid and Arduino in Turin, the GSM shield allows Arduino boards to connect to the internet, make/receive voice calls and send/receive text messages. Kevin Prince and Sean Holden will on-hand to get you started!

Our team attending HACKED