On Saturday morning, the registration desk will open at 9.30am. The O2 operate a secure site policy and therefore we require you to bring along either:


When you arrive at the venue, you will first be issued with a HACKED wristband. Afterwards you will be given your personalised attendee badge.

NB: Both your wristband and badge MUST be worn whilst you are at the venue. Failure to do this could result in you being asked to leave by O2 Security or a member of the HACKED Crew.

This process will be the same during registration on the Sunday for those who are attending on the second day only.


The wristbands are NFC enabled and will allow you to check in and out of the venue from selfserve stations. Please make sure you check in/out, because this will give us exact numbers in case of fire or other emergencies.

If your wristband breaks, gets damaged or is lost, go to the registration desk to get it replaced.